RAPTOR® S and SH plastic staples are able to penetrate the hardest woods of any plastic staple on the market and are able to protect the most delicate moulder knives. Timber processors depend on RAPTOR® to streamline production and to meet the quality requirements for exported lumber, and the cutting and scanning requirements of their customers.


  • Lumbar Wrapping
  • Log Tagging
  • Load Tagging
  • Lumbar Tagging

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  • Completely non-metal
  • No need to remove
  • Won't trip metal detectors
  • Won't damage blades
  • Stronger tensile holding power
  • than similar sized metal staples
  • RF & microwave safe
  • Compatible in kraft pulping
  • process
  • Performs at low temperatures
  • No sparking hazard
  • RAPTOR® caps provide strain
  • relief to eliminate wrap tearing.

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