Timber Tagger



The Timber Tagger® is a patented tool that, when attached to a pneumatic staple gun, can advance, cut and staple tags with a single pull of the trigger. It applies a die cut tag at high speed (over three tags a second in the hands of an experienced operator) and can easily reach over an inch into unevenly stacked bundles of timber.

Timber Tagger is easily mounted on a light wire pneumatic staple gun. When the staple gun needs cleaning or repair, the timber tagger can be detached and mounted to another in seconds with only one screw.

We have spent years researching and pergecting our proprietary combination of material, inks, protective coating and cutting dies to optimise tag longevity, fast dispensing and reduced wear and tear on your tool.

We use premium ink pigments in order to increase fade resistance. We also apply a high intensity light cured protective top coating. This ultra-violet cured coating provides numerous benefits to help preserve bar codes and printed information.

We have 20 years experience in this industry and offer a 100% product application guarantee.


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