With the F44AC LIGNOLOC pneumatic nailer customized for LignoLoc® wooden nails, the BECK Fastener Group provides an innovative system that allows you to do your work faster and more ecologically.

LignoLoc® wooden nails

lignoloc the first collated nails made of wood 01

Diameter: 3,7 mm | 0,145 inches
Lengths: 50, 55 und 65 mm | 2 – 2 ½ inches
Material: Compressed beech wood
Colour: Natural
Coil capacity: 170 – 4 000
Magazine: 15° plastic sheet coil LignoLoc®

With the development of the LignoLoc® Nail, the BECK Fastener Group has launched a new generation of fastening technology. The capture of a traditional fastener and the transfer of this technology into the age of automation seem at first glance easier than it really was. Due to many years of experience of the FASCO engineers a pneumatic nailer could be developed which can implement this new technology.

F44 LignoLoc® nailer for use in environmentally friendly wood processing

Nailer F44AC CN15 PS65 LIGNOLOC RGB 05 17

The LignoLoc® pneumatic nailer is the result of perfect function and optimum handling. It provides the necessary power and precision for processing LignoLoc® wooden nails quickly and accurately. At the F44AC LIGNOLOC pneumatic nailer FASCO has replaced the human fingers through two guiding flaps. These flaps give the nail sufficient holding support in the critical phase of the driving operation to prevent strong bending and thus breaking.

Height: 322 mm | 12.67 inches
Width: 130 mm | 5.12 inches
Lengths: 275 mm | 10.82 inches
Weight: 2,40 kg | 5.29 Ibs
Pressure: mind. 7 bar | 95 psi
Lubricant: Aerospace Lubricants Tribolube 12
Actuation System: Single Shot actuation
Loading: Coil

LignoLoc® HEAD for the use in the industrial production

lignoloc industrie

The ecological and functional benefits of LignoLoc® wooden nails can also be utilised industrially. LignoLoc® can be processed both with LignoLoc® hand-held pneumatic nailers and with LignoLoc® HEADs from FASCO in stationary systems. Currently connection to the systems from WEINMANN and technowood is possible.

Height: 342 mm | 13.46 inches
Width: 140 mm | 5.51 inches
Length: 170 mm | 6.69 inches
Weight: 5,22 kg | 11.49 Ibs
Pressure: mind. 7 bar | 95 psi
Actuation System: Remote Control
Loading: Coil up to 4 000 LignoLoc® wooden nails