RAPTOR® Polymer Composite F/15 finish nails offer a quick and safe clamping method for multiple layers or for small pieces, saving set up and removal down time and saving money by eliminating router bit damage, and making the job safer.

  • Completely non-metal
  • No need to remove
  • Can be sawed or sanded
  • No router bit damage
  • Holds multiple layers
  • Holds edges where vacuum may not hold
  • No need to specially locate the nail

No Bit Breakage

cnc woodwork image1cnc woodwork image2

RAPTOR® composite nails eliminate router bit breakage from accidental contact with steel fasteners.

Eliminates Clamping

cnc woodwork image3cnc woodwork image4

RAPTOR ® composite nails hold down materials to the spoil board 2X stronger than steel nails do.

This allows for more aggressive cuts and use of multiple layers. It also assists vacuum systems and eliminates the need for clamping.

Easy Removal

cnc woodwork image5cnc woodwork image6

RAPTOR® composite nails can be removed by post drilling them through or by simply tapping the board material laterally to shear at the interface.