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16 Aug 2016

Treecycle 2016

In a unique exhibition, taking place for the first time in honour of the Royal Botanic Garden’s 200th Birthday celebrations, wood from trees that have graced our botanic gardens for many years will be turned into works of art by skilled artisans from across Australia and beyond.

Treecycle 2016 celebrates the sustainable recycling and reuse of some of the Botanic Garden’s significant trees of which have died naturally, been pruned or felled due to disease. The wood of more than 20 species has been harvested from the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, the Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan and the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden Mount Tomah.

Curators Leon and Ginny Sadubin have engaged specialised makers and artists to create fine works from the wood — some functional, while others are sculptural and decorative. On show will be a chandelier, clock, furniture, musical instruments and model boats and a host of other surprises.

“Gardens are dynamic places and at any given time young trees are planted, mature specimens grow old and die, and others require pruning,” said Ginny. “And so the cycle continues.”

“The creations reflect the extraordinary diversity possible when skilled artisans work with such interesting timbers. The result is a very individual response to the workability, density, grain and nuances of colour inherent in each piece of timber.”

All works will be on sale throughout the exhibition with a limited number to be silently auctioned on the opening night. Each piece will carry detailed information regarding the provenance of the wood used to create it. Sales will be shared with the makers and Foundation and Friends of the Botanic Gardens.

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