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12 Sep 2016

Opportunity Knocks for Door Manufacturers

Raptor is set to revolutionise all forms of timber-working - if you're not on board with polymer fasteners, you definitely need to check it out...

Door manufacturing is just one area that can really benefit from time-saving polymer fasteners that can be sawed, sanded and cut without any damage to tools (read more).

Taylor's Door Frames (TDF) and StyleWise Doors in Brookvale, NSW recently took us through their workshops to show how the Raptor system is changing their workflow, producing a better product and gaining them new customers.

Instead of traditional metal nails and staples TDF and StyleWise have adopted Raptor polymer nails and staples in the construction process of their timber doors. While they have great holding properties and don’t stretch or rust, they are most useful in constructing the door frame that is generally planed or cut off-site, by the installer to fit a specific door jam.

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"Previously, installers on the job site would often call us to complain of broken tools and blades caused by metal staples in the door frames. Now, we don't get those calls, plus new customers are choosing to purchase our doors specifically because of the polymer staples. It gives us a big edge over our competition" said Israel Orden

“While they are more expensive for us, they provide a better product for us to sell and savings down the line for the installers who don’t lose money on broken blades and wasted time.” Steve Marcus added.

Obviously, polymer nails and staples are a great advantage to anyone working with timber across a great variety of industries (see more applications here). Their ability to be sawed, cut or sanded is clearly the biggest benefit in this case, however their resistance to the elements is also a big bonus as realised by Sweet Combs of Honey in their story here.

Braford is really excited to offer this kind of innovation to the industry. “We’re always on the lookout for high-performing new products that we can offer to the Australian and New Zealand marketplace” shared Director Terry Parsons. “We think Raptor will change the game for many makers and manufacturers once the word gets out.”

Are nails and staples key to your industry? Check out more about polymer fasteners here...

Thanks to Taylor's Door Frames and StyleWise Doors for their input.

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