For over 20 years, Braford has serviced both the Australian and New Zealand markets for timber workflow and Barcode Tagging. Drawing on unmatched industry experience, the consistent Braford approach has been to add value to our clients businesses by procuring a complete solution and then delivering reliable supply of all consumables required for that system.

The Timber Tagger System

In accordance with standard AS/NZ 1604 all timber products must be appropriately and reliably tagged. The Timber Tagger system not only helps customers meet this standard but it makes available cost savings and improved efficiency that no other tagging system offers.

With the Timber Tagger system and Raptor distributorship, Braford Industries is the only supplier in the market that provides the complete Tooling, Tagging and Staple system from the one point. 

Our Prinicples

Braford Industries has built a strong business by adhearing to three principals:

  • Honesty – “Always follow through on our word and being transparent with our customers.”
  • Reliability – “knowing our customers’ needs and ensuring our solutions best meet their needs”
  • Relationships – “All business is built on good personal relationships and we build these over many years by building trust.”

These practices have put Braford in an enviable position in the marketplace.

Our Approach

Our business sells barcodes, both adhesive and tags to suit our Timber tagger, here in Australia with some 250 different barcodes made to date for the Home Improvement market. Braford provides more than 70 million timber tags per year in the Australian and New Zealand markets.